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14-Bit Absolute Angle Hall Encoder


14-Bit Absolute Angle Hall Encoder.


Integrated Hall sensor array for fault-tolerant assembly.
Signal stabilization by auto-gain with monitoring.
Compensation of misalignment by optional fine-calibration.
Absolute resolution of 0.08°.
Selectable resolution and tracking rate (e.g. 12bit at <80,000rpm).
Adjustable zero position and code direction.
Diff. current-limited sin/cos outputs (1Vpp to 100Ω).
BiSS Interface for CRC-secured position and programming.
Compatible to BiSS-C profiles (BP1, BP3) and SSI.
Integrated RS422 transceiver for up to 10Mbit/s (at 5V).
Higher data rates supported by LVDS compatibility.
System monitoring via BiSS error/warning bits.
Multi-turn data processing for up to 24bit (SSI interface).
Command/pin-triggered position preset for ST/MT data.
3 GPIO pins for system control, incr. and test signals.
Pin-selectable SPI operation.
Open-drain error message output<.
CRC-protected set-up from I2C EEPROM.
Extended temperature range from -40 to +125°C.
Reverse-polarity and short-circuit-proof interfacing pins.


Manufacturer: iCHaus GmbH
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Product Description


Absolute angle sensors
Singleturn/multiturn position encoders
Motor feedback


QFN28 Package


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Encoder – Magnetic

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