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Incremental Photosensor Array


Incremental Photosensor Array.


Monolithic array of independent photosensors with excellent matching.
Compact photosensor size of 800µm x 330µm enabling smaller encoder systems.
Moderate track pitch for reasonable alignment tolerances.
Ultra low dark currents for operation to high temperature.
Low noise amplifiers with high trans-impedance of typ. 4 MΩ.
Short-circuit-proof, low impedance voltage outputs for enhanced EMI tolerance.
Space saving 15-pin optoBGA package (RoHS compatible).
Low power consumption from single 4.5V to 5.5V supply.
Temperature range of -40 to 125°C.
Available options:
reticule assembly, code discs.
customized COB modules.


Manufacturer: iCHaus GmbH
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Product Description


Incremental rotary encoders
Linear scales


oBGA LSH2C6.2mm x 5.2mm x 1.7mm
oBGA LSH2C Package

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Encoder – Optical

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