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Non-volatile Laser Bias Potentiometer for laser APCs


Non-volatile Laser Bias Potentiometer for laser APCs.


High precision 1024-step programmable logarithmic potentiometer.
Wide resistance range from 300Ω to 80kΩ.
Calibration accuracy with resistance steps better than 2% (typ. 1%).
Best APC driver performance (iC-WK series) with monitor currents of 7µA to 1.4mA.
Wireless optical laser power adjustment capability.
Dual-mode programming by optical/electrical coupling.
Simple up⁄down clock interface to step the resistance.
Internal EEPROM.
Programmable device ID allows for parallel connection of up to 16 devices.
Manufacturer: iCHaus GmbH
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Product Description


Laser diode power adjustment
Remote power adjustment of laser modules
Adjustment of encapsulated devices
Ideal for use with iC-Haus’ laser diode driver family


DFN10 Package

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Laser Driver

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