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10-Bit Sin/Cos Interpolator with Auto-Calibration


10-Bit Sin/Cos Interpolator with Auto-Calibration.


Differential PGA inputs for sine, cosine, and index.
700 kHz input frequency at full resolution.
Automatic compensation of amplitude, offset, and phase errors.
Low latency (typ. 1.5 μs).
Differential RS422 line driver outputs for ABZ or UVW.
Simultaneous single-ended outputs for ABZ and UVW.
Digital filtering for ultra-low output jitter.
Complete status and fault monitoring capabilities.
Configured by pins or SPI.
In-field re-configuration via Encoder Link interface.
Easy to use with built-in line driver, EEPROM, and oscillator.
Push-button automatic calibration for fast commissioning.
LED intensity control by PWM output.
10-bit angle data and 14-bit multi-cycle counter available to SPI.
Capture register for coded reference marks and touch-probe applications.
Space-saving 5 x 5mm QFN package.
Single 3.3 V supply.


Manufacturer: iCHaus GmbH
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Product Description


Rotary and linear encoders
Magnetic or optical sin/cos sensor interface
Brushless motor commutation (2…64 poles)
Imbedded motion control


QFN32 Package


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Encoder – Interpolators

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