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Programmable 12-Bit Sin/Cos Interpolation IC with RS422 driver


Programmable 12-Bit Sin/Cos Interpolation IC with RS422 driver.


Latency-free sine-to-digital conversion.
Resolution of up to 4000 steps per input cycle.
Input frequency 200 kHz (x10)…2 kHz (x1000).
Flexible pin assignment due to signal path multiplexers.
PGA inputs for differential and single-ended signals.
Selectable adaptation to voltage or current signals.
Signal conditioning for offset, amplitude and phase.
Controlled 50mA current source for LED or MR sensors.
Fault-tolerant RS422 50mA sink/source out. up to 5 MHz.
Alarm indication output.
Spike-proof output due to selectable min. phase distance.
Zero signal conditioning and electronic index generation.
Monitoring functions with configurable error masking.
Adjustable thermal overload alarm and shutdown.
Immune against faulty output or supply connections.
Reverse polarity protection of the sub-system.
I²C multi-master interface (in-circuit calibration and parameters (EEPROM)).
Operation at 4.3V to 5.5V, from -25(-40)°C to +100°C.


Manufacturer: iCHaus GmbH
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Optical and magnetic position sensors
Rotary encoders
Linear encoders


TSSOP20 Package


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Encoder – Interpolators

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