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12 Bit Angular Hall Encoder with Sin/Cos Outputs


12 Bit Angular Hall Encoder with Sin/Cos Outputs.


Real-time system using tracking principle for up to 120,000 rpm.
Integrated hall sensors with automatic offset compensation.
4-fold sensor arrangement for displacement tolerant assembly.
Gain control for constant output amplitude.
Interpolator with 4096 angular steps per turn (0.1° resolution).
Programmable resolution, hysteresis, edge control, zero position and rotational direction.
Incremental outputs with edge frequency up to 8 MHz.
RS422 outputs with AB quadrature signals with index.
Commutation signals U, V, W for brushless dc motors.
Serial interface for absolute output and programming.
SSI compatible output mode.
Integrated zapping diodes for device setup and OEM data, programmable via serial interface.
Error output for faulty signals (loss of magnet, frequency error); error codes accessible via serial interface.
Temperature range -40 to +125°C.


Manufacturer: iCHaus GmbH
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Product Description


Digital sensor 0…360°
Incremental angular encoder
Absolute angular encoder
Commutation of brushless DC motors
Motor feedback systems


QFN28 Package


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Encoder – Magnetic

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