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Switched-Mode Dual 5V Regulator operating from 8 to 36V


Switched-Mode Dual 5V Regulator operates from 8 to 36 V.


Input voltage 8 to 36Vdc.
Highly efficient down converter.
Switching transistor and free-wheeling diode integrated.
Adjustment of the regulator cut-off current with external resistor.
Integrated 100 kHz oscillator without external components.
Switching frequency above the audible range.
Two downstream linear regulators with 200mA⁄25mA output current.
Internal reference voltages.
Small residual ripple with low capacitances in the µF range.
Fault message at overtemperature and undervoltage at current-limited open-collector output.
Shutdown of switching regulator at overtemperature.
ESD protection.
Low space requirement.
Option: enhanced temperature range of -40 to 85°C.


Manufacturer: iCHaus GmbH
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Product Description


5 V supply e.g. from 24 V industrial network


SO8S08 Package
DFN10 Package

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Power Management

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