Compact, high resolution incremental encoder ICs with up to 2500 CPR (native) and 10,000 CPR (interpolated).
For code discs of Ø39mm.
Excellent signal matching.
Moderate track pitch for relaxed assembly tolerances.
Low-noise signal amplifiers with high EMI tolerance.
Pin-selectable operating modes: analog, digital, and interpolated (x2 and x4).
Pin-selectable index gating: un-gated (1T), B-gated (0.5T), AB-gated (0.25T).
Complementary quadrature outputs to 1.6 MHz: A, B, Z and NA, NB, NZ.
Commutation signal outputs: U, V, W.
Short-circuit-proof, current-limited, +/- 4mA push-pull.
Analog signal output for ease of alignment and resolution enhancement by external interpolation.
LED power control with 40mA high-side driver.
Low power consumption from single 3.5V to 5.5V supply.
Operational temperature range of -40 to +120°C.
See datasheet for relevant code discs.
iC-PT3912H Encoder Ø 39 mm / 512 CPR.
iC-PT3310H Encoder Ø 39 mm / 1000 CPR.
iC-PT3924H Encoder Ø 39 mm / 1024 CPR.
iC-PT3948H Encoder Ø 39 mm / 2048 CPR.
Evaluation kits with LED and code disc available.


Manufacturer: iCHaus GmbH
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Incremental encoder
Brushless DC motor commutation
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5mm x 5mm
oQFN32 Package

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