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18-Bit Optical Encoder with SPI and Serial/Parallel Outputs


18-Bit Optical Encoder with SPI and Serial/Parallel Outputs.


System-on-chip design for excellent reliability.
Very compact array size.
Leading/trailing sampling of 10 binary tracks pitched at 400μm.
Analog sine/cosine scanning with enlarged photodiodes and signal conditioning.
Differential sine/cosine outputs with 1024 CPR and 500mVpk.
Absolute resolution of up to 18 bits by fast 8-bit vector-tracking interpolation.
Unique FlexCount® circuit: freely selectable resolution for absolute and incremental data.
Incremental quadrature outputs with 1 to 16,384 CPR and programmable index signal.
Parallel data output of 16 bits in Gray code.
Scalable shift-register for 12 to 18 bits and 1 μs cycles at 16 MHz clock frequency.
RAM monitoring by parity bits.
LED illumination control (mean or sin/cos square) by 50mA high-side current source.
Alarm indication for configuration and illumination error (end of life).
Undervoltage detection.
3.3V-compatible SPI and I/O ports for configuration and data.
4V to 5.5V single supply operation.
Operating temperature range of –40°C to 110°C.
Small outline, 30-pin optoBGA package for SMT.
Available accessories: LED lamp and code discs (1024 CPR).


Manufacturer: iCHaus GmbH
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Product Description


Optical position sensors
Linear scales
Absolute rotary encoders
Programmable incremental encoders
Motor feedback systems


oQFN LNB2C7.0mm x 5.0mm x 0.9mm
oQFN LND2C Package
oBGA LNB2C7.6mm x 7.1mm x 1.8mm
oBGA LNB2C Package


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Encoder – Optical

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