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µC Interface, 4x4 24V High-Side Driver operating bidirectionally


µC Interface, 4×4 24V High-Side Driver operates bidirectional and features load diagnosis.


16 bidirectional input ⁄ output stages at 24V.
Input ⁄ output mode programmable in 4-channel blocks.
500mA pulse and 150mA permanent load driving capability.
Active flyback circuit.
Load diagnosis for driver current, output voltage and impedance (cable fractures, short circuits etc).
10-bit A ⁄ D converter for the generation of diagnosis measurement values.
Logic supply from 3V upwards.
Short-circuit-proof high-side drivers with diagnosis function.
Voltage monitor, temperature sensor with warning and shut-down features, power output enable pin.
Programmable interrupt generation with an events storage facility.
Variable digital filters for the debouncing of I/O signals.
Fast 8-bit parallel or serial SPI™-compatible µC interface permits use in buses.


Manufacturer: iCHaus GmbH
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Product Description


Industrial 24V applications
Lamp switches with diagnostic features
Inductive load driver circuits for relays and valves


MQFP52 Package


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I/O Circuits

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