Digital Shelf Sign – YAS42




Dimension(mm): 118*83.8*11.2 /4.65*3.3*0.44inch

Weight: 83 g

Temperature: from + 0 C° to + 40 C°

Updating time: up to 21.000 labels per hour

Ingress protection grade: IP53

LED indicator: 7 colors LED

Display Technology: e-ink bi-stable graphic

Active display area (mm): 84.2x63mm/4.2inch

Resolution: 400 × 300 pixel

DPI: 183 Pixel

Colors: BW/BWR/BWY


Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) are wireless display labels with monitoring and notification functions. All our labels have a low power flash capacity giving clear visibility at the shelf edge, enabling product identification in real-time, enhanced promos and stock alerts. For retailers, these smart tags bring competitive advantages, drive margins and push out costs while building customer trust.

ESL Solutions offers IoT technology, the reliable price automation solutions. From battery longevity to speed and readability, the labels are designed to help retailers fulfill their operational strategy such as: centralizing product information, meeting omnichannel  requirements, executing dynamic pricing, building their marketing strategy and developing unique shopping experience.