SinCosYzer 2
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Encoder Signal Analysis With Graphical Visualization

SinCosYzer 2

Encoder Signal Analysis With Graphical Visualization.


8 differential input channels for ± 1V to ± 10 V.
Fast simultaneous signal sampling up to 2 MS/s.
High ADC resolution of 30.5 μV at ± 1 V FS (16 bit).
Base modes of operation: 8-channel oscilloscope, spectral signal analysis, Lissajous X/Y plotting.
Optional module 1 (encoder adjuster): sine/cosine encoder error analysis with color bar display of good/bad limit values.
Optional module 2 (reference analyzer): referenced signal analysis with graphical evaluation.
Oscilloscope mode with measurement utilities: DC offset and amplitude (AC, AC(RMS), Contrast, Min., Max.), cross screening of 2 channels for amplitude differences and phase deviations, 4 mathematical analysis channels.
Spectral signal analysis with calculation of harmonics and THD.
Lissajous X/Y plotting with tolerance and limit indication.
Robust housing with Probe card for easy wiring to DUTs or housed encoders.
Stand-alone operation with external Windows 7 PC.
Delivery: ready-to-operate SinCosYzer 2 with instrumentation software (GUI), cables.
Remote controllable, configurable and measurement output via a TCP/IP interface.


Manufacturer: iCHaus GmbH
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Product Description


Accuracy analysis of sine position encoders
Factory calibration of sine/cosine signal conditioning circuits
Optical and magnetic position sensor calibration
Linear and rotary encoders
Feasibility studies of position sensing systems
Module 2:
Referenced accuracy measurements
Accuracy analysis of AB encoders

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