Hall Position Sensor/Encoder cascadable, 8 bit resolution.


Linear Hall sensor array for magnetic pole pitch of 2.56mm.
Non-sensitive to magnetic stray fields due to differential measurement.
Interpolator with 8-bit linear resolution of 20µm.
Buffered I/O for signal outputs.
Configuration inputs for operating mode selection.
Cascading of multiple iC-ML possible for chain operation (Evaluation of independent scales x, y, z).
Error signal output for detection of low magnetic field strength.
Additional operating modes with reduced power consumption.
Linear speed up to 5m⁄s.
Digital operation modes:
A/B quadrature signals with Z index pulse.
Counter pulses for external binary counters.
Analog operation modes:
Sine/cosine signals controlled to 2Vpp.
Triangle or sawtooth signal with selectable amplitude.
Standby modus when not enabled.
Extended temperature range of -40…+125°C.


Manufacturer: iCHaus GmbH
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TSSOP20 Package

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