• BiSS C protocol support
  • SSI protocol support
  • On-chip RS422 transceiver



Evaluation Kits



iC-MCB is a BiSS slave bridging iC to implement BiSS slave functionality into any sensor technology and platform. BiSS sensor implementations are possible, downgrading to SSI operation is also possible. Full BiSS C protocol functionality includes single cycle data (SCD) for sensors (SCDS) and control communication for commands and register access and BiSS bus structures.The integrated RS422 transceiver enables BiSS point-to-point encoder applications with a maximum clock rate of 10 MHz.

Types and Packages

  • iC-MCB QFN16-3×3, RoHS compliant MSL 1, 260°C


  • BiSS C protocol support
  • SSI protocol support
  • On-chip RS422 transceiver
  • Single cycle data buffer of 64 byte organized in multiple banks for simultaneous access
  • Built-in control communication
  • BiSS bus structure capable
  • SPI slave interface for sensor data provided by microcontroller
  • Fast Sensor interface for sensor data acquisition from an SPI slave device
  • BiSS safety related features (16 bit CRC + CRC start value)
  • BiSS timeout: adaptive, 2 μs, 20 μs
  • SSI protocol support
  • Operation from 3.0 V to 5.5 V
  • Operating temperature range of -40°C to +125°C
  • Space-saving 16-pin QFN package


  • BiSS C and SSI slave implementation
  • Multiple sensor devices
  • Encoder, torque sensor, inclinometer, acceleration sensor
  • Safety light curtain
  • Diagnosis extension
  • Condition monitoring extension