Active Photosensor Arrays with 8 sensors.


Monolithic array of independent photosensors with excellent matching.
Photosensor size of just 800µm x 300µm enables high-quality encoder scanning at reduced system dimensions.
Narrow track pitch of 0.42mm cuts down illumination efforts.
Enhanced EMI immunity due to on-chip pre-amplification.
Dark current compensation permits high temperature operation.
Single supply operation (4 to 5.5V).
Open-collector outputs as highside current source.
Simple gain setting and current-voltage conversion via the load (e.g. resistors).
Low power consumption.
Space saving, RoHS compliant and optoBGA packages.
Options: extended temperature range of -40 to 125 °C, customized COB modules, reticles and code discs.
Manufacturer: iCHaus GmbH
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Optical position encoding from analogue sine/cosine signals
Incremental encoders with index signal


14-pin oBGA LS2C6.2mm x 5.2mm
oBGA LS2C Package

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