2-Channel Buck/Boost DC/DC Converter.


Wide input voltage range of 4 to 36V.
Reverse polarity protection up to -36 V with autarky function.
Universal buck/boost converter with high efficiency.
Two back-end, adjustable linear regulators (1.5 to 5.5V).
Up to 300mA of output current and a separate output voltage monitor.
Low residual ripple with small capacitors in the µF range.
Separate enable inputs for the linear regulators.
Two switched outputs referenced to the linear regulators.
Integrated switching transistors and flyback diodes.
Converter cut-off current can be set by an external resistor.
Integrated 3 MHz oscillator with no external components.
Active noise spectrum reduction.
Error messaging with over- and under-voltage, and over-temperature.
Temperature range of -40 to 125°C.
Protective circuitry against ESD.
QFN package requires little space and few external components.


Manufacturer: iCHaus GmbH
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Dual voltage supply by buck/boost converters with adjustable, back-end linear regulators
Power management for laser, encoder, and automotive applications


QFN24 Package

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