100cm 3D Hologram Display

4 blade Hologram display.

Can be controlled through PC software and IOS/Android app.

Phone screen mirroring supported.

Multiple displays can be connected together to form a much bigger display.

High-Light Features:
Live Screen Projection,
Bluetooth for Audio,
Sync Holowall,
Tming Function


Real-Time Live Streaming 3D HOLOGRAM DISPLAY
High-Light Features: Live broadcasting, Bluetooth for Audio, Sync Holowall
Unboxing Video: https://youtu.be/bKVabHoO84c

This is new upgraded 3D hologram fans. The fan is with PC software and app(Android and iOS). One of most important and innovative feature is that it supports phone screen mirroring. And It support to sychronize/connect multiple fans together to create a big screen wall. Also, the hologram display have BT function. Stunning realistic 3d visual efect and sound effects will make people more impressing.


Support phone screen mirroring. You can mirroring your phone screen on the phone.

Allow to set auto ON/OFF;

Allow to set the playing time for each video, such as when we want to play each video and how long we want each video to play.

Brightness reaches 2500cd/m2, the highest brightess among similar hologram fans, amazing holographic effect.

Innovative design, easier installation way, no need screws to install the blades. One click lock the blades

With BT. It can connect to BT speaker to play audio

The rotating speed is faster than other similar size machines, so more clarity imaging effect

Support to link multiple fans togehter to create a large screen wall

Small color box design. It can help to save shipping cost.