Magnetic Encoder

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  • iC-MU150

    Magnetic Off-Axis Absolute Position Encoder (1.50mm).


    Integrated Hall sensors for two-track scanning.
    Hall sensors optimized for 1.50mm pole width (master track).
    Signal conditioning for offset, amplitude, and phase.
    Sine/digital real-time conversion with 12-bit resolution (14-bit filtered).
    2-track nonius absolute value calculation up to 18 bits.
    16, 32, or 64 pole pairs per measurement distance.
    Enlargement of measurement distance with second iC-MU150.
    Synchronization of external multiturn systems.
    Configuration from an external EEPROM using a multimaster I2C interface.
    Microcontroller-compatible serial interface (SPI, BiSS, SSI).
    Incremental quadrature signals with an index (ABZ).
    FlexCount®: scalable resolution from 1 up to 65536 CPR Commutation.


    Manufacturer: iCHaus GmbH