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  • iC-HO

    General Purpose Sensor Interface.


    11 bit analogue to digital conversion.
    Integrated configurable linearisation for sensor signal characteristic curve.
    Configurable PI heater controller.
    Configurable temperature drift compensation.
    Analogue PGA input, low noise, ultra-low offset.
    Sensor signal offset correction.
    Configurable low noise radiometric differential analogue output.
    Digital and analogue sensor data output.
    Signal and system monitoring.
    Open-Drain Error Output Signalling triple controlled constant current sources.
    Integrated 8 bit temperature sensor.
    Device set-up from serial EEPROM and SPI.
    SPI communication and configuration interface.
    SPI master for SPI EEPROM.
    5V supply voltage.
    Temperature range -25°C…105°C.


    Manufacturer: iCHaus GmbH