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  • iC-HD7

    Quad Differential Line Driver pin-compatible with xx7272.


    Complementary short-circuit-proof push-pull driver stages for RS422 and 24V applications up to 2MHz.
    Integrated line adaptation for high signal quality at 24V.
    Moderate slew rate reduces EMI.
    High driving capability of typically 200mA at 24V.
    Output saturation of just 0.3V at 40mAdc.
    Pin-compatible with 26LS31, xx7272.
    Tristate function for bus applications with excessive temperature shutdown.
    TTL- ⁄ CMOS-compatible Schmitt trigger inputs, voltage-proof to 40V.
    4.5 to 35V single supply operation with low static power dissipation.
    Operating temperature from -25 to 125°C (-40°C is optional).


    Manufacturer: iCHaus GmbH