Hall Multiturn Encoder

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  • iC-PVL

    Linear/Off-Axis Battery-Buffered Hall Multiturn Encoder.


    Integrated Hall sensors with automatic gain and offset control.
    For magnetic scales of 1.0 up to 5.0mm pole width.
    Current consumption of only 2µA to 30µA in typ. applications.
    Tracking speed of up to 24m/s (1.5 mm poles) or 15,000rpm (32 pole pairs).
    Configurable multiturn counting up to 40 bits.
    Adjustable period count per revolution:
    FlexCount® logic for 1 to 256 pole pairs.
    Serial, parallel and incremental singleturn operating modes.
    SSI multiturn data output with error, warning, parity, and synchronisation bits.
    Multiturn preset by pin or command.
    I²C master function for initial boot-up from EEPROM.
    I²C slave function for controller operation.
    Supply voltage of 3.0V to 5.5V.
    Automatic low-power operation on backup battery.
    Overspeed, battery and RAM (CRC) monitoring.
    Space-saving 16-pin QFN package.


    Manufacturer: iCHaus GmbH