Industrial Computers

Industrial Computers are designed for 24/7 operation in any environment, something standard desktop terminals just cannot achieve. Ranging from low power fanless computers, up to high power Core-i7 systems.

  • Booksize Computers

    Booksize Computers (6)

    Small form-factor computers, available is low power or high performance specification, for most low space situations.
  • Embedded Systems

    Embedded Systems (5)

    Embedded, fanless computer systems, designed for space saving or dusty environments.
  • FieldBus Systems

    FieldBus Systems (1)

    Fanless computer systems for factory wide control and monitoring. With options for many FieldBus standards, like CANOpen, Profibus and Sercos III.
  • Military Computers

    Military Computers (3)

    Rugged computers, designed for military use or explosive environments. Available in a range of low power or high performance specifications.